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Hey!! hello

Actually Im using a Mega 2560 and cam Ov7670, and i taken several photos, and this is the result:

each photo look like blurred, I dont know what i'm doing wrong, the code is Attach. please help me!



It looks like the camera might be moving during the picture taking.  What is the camera pointed at and how is the camera mounted?
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I take a photo of my mounting


In other words, it's not mounted.

Well there's your problem!
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In other words, it's not mounted.

Well there's your problem!
:-D :-D

I have a question:  I want to  mount this mega2560 and cam ov7670 over about my head(with some support it) and take a photo through to app android. so this is my question ┬┐If Im walking whith the circuit(mega2560 and cam ov7670) Do you think that a photo taken to through ov7670 it look good ?


I suspect you would need a much more powerful microprocessor. I have recently got some ESP32-CAM modules which are cheap and seem to work well.

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