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I've been emailing store support for help but I haven't been getting help so that my classroom needs could be met reasonably. The only responses I get is to buy more CTC 101.  I hope someone else could help me here.

1. A CTC 101 has 6 sets of components for 30 students, which means 5 students per group. If I happen to have 1 or 2 more than 30 students, I'm being told I need to buy another set for 30.

2. The CTC 101 apparently only has a lifespan of 2 years, and I apparently can't buy more years of access after 2 years. Now, the kit contains components such as the Arduino boards, education shields, breadboard which should last more than 2 years. It should be possible to reuse the kits and extend access to the program for more than 2 years.  Having to buy new kits every two years is not financially reasonable and I would have a hard time getting this approved.

3. A CTC 101 has 30 seats.  If I buy two kits of CTC 101 so that I have smaller groups of students, can I save the second set of seats and not activate them immediately?

I would really like to receive responses that will help me meet my classroom needs in a way that is financially sound as I need to get my school admin on board. So far, your support has just been telling me to spend more money, which will not fly with my school. That response will just cause us to not buy the CTC 101.

It would also be good to have a support line that I can call to discuss these needs.


I'm also very interested in the answer to this question.



1. The CTC 101 has been designed to be used with 6 groups, and we recommend for these groups to be, at most, of 5 students. So in the end it's the teacher's decision how to split the material. Of course, depending on the amount of students, it would be more convenient to work with less students per group.

2. The 2 years lifespan mentioned refers to the expected lifespan of some of the components, that might not perform in the same way, so you might need to buy some replacements.

3. In case you have extra licenses, you can write to us so we can check your case.

As for the support line, you can reach us via e-mail and in case it's needed we can set an appointment for a call.

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I have 28 students and bought 2 kits.  I started with one kit and there was a lot of standing around.  It works better with 2-3 kids per group.  I am concerned with Module 4.  The pictures in the diagram and the actual wires are not the same.  I had 2 boards burn out.  I am online looking for new boards and apparently the 101 board is discontinued??? 

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