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Olá, estou em um projeto de decibelímetro, gostaria de saber se conseguiria integrar um decibelímetro real e preciso com  o Arduíno.. fiz algumas pesquisas mas não sei se é possível fazer essa conexão.

Quem puder ajudar agradeço!


Search the forum for SPL meter. ( I only speak English so I assume you want to measure acoustic loudness.)

It's not hard to make a crude SPL meter but it's very difficult to make an accurate  one that can be used for scientific, legal, or regulatory purposes.  And, something like that would have to be calibrated by a certified lab and they probaby won't certify anything homemade.

You'll need a preamp for the microphone and you need to bias the Arduino input (because the Arduino can't read the negative-half of the AC audio waveform).  Or, you can buy a microphone board (example) with a mic and all of the electronics built-in.

You'll also need a working SPL meter to calibrate the one you're making.

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