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Alguém saberia alguma algum alternativa um microfone mais preciso do que o microfone de eletreto do modulo KY-038?


Would anyone know any alternative to a more precise microphone than the KY-038 module electret microphone?



What do you mean by "more precise"?   


The sensitivity of the microphone is not good, limiting accurately detect the level of decibels, I am making a decibel meter, I have considered using a proper decibel meter in the project but I do not know how to do this integration.


You can increase the sensitivity with an amplifier.   Microphones put-out a few millivolts (depending on the loudness of the sound and the sensitivity of the microphone).   You need a microphone preamplifier to get line level (about 1V) for an audio power amplifier or for the Arduino's ADC which has a 0-5V range.

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