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this software is completely useless!! it doesnt matter which os apple. windows, chrome, it doesnt compile. code compiles fine on my mac, in the ACTUAL arduino ide; but not in this cloud based software. i was paying $.99/mth before, now they change the price model to free (which doesnt F'in work), or $6/mth, and who knows if that actually works. BTW, is all this supposed to be open source anyway?


Hi. If you provide a detailed description of the problem you're having, including the full text of any error messages or warnings, someone might be able to help get it working.

is all this supposed to be open source anyway?
Some components are open source. You'll find those in Arduino's GitHub repositories:
Other components are closed source.


Hi @crashshady, $.99/month is the price for the chromeOS app only, you don't need that in other OS and you can use the free and open source arduino create agent: https://github.com/arduino/arduino-create-agent

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