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I have a 2560 that exhibits the bootloader problems discussed in various places.  Three exclamation points cause the load to fail and the watchdog timer doesn't work right.

Is there a new bootloader yet?  I've seen discussions about various fixes, but nothing about a loader being ready.  Yes, I could hunt down the various fixes and try to build a bootloader and then a day later the 'official' one would be announced.  I would much rather keep with the one other folks are using than do something myself and branch off from everyone else.


Oh, come on.   There's got to be someone that knows something about this.



thats my question, too. Please could anyone give us some advises?
I only found that there is a solution, but not how and where.



Tobi,  I got in contact with the developer that wrote the bootloader yesterday.  Nice guy.  I sent him what I had that didn't work with the watchdog timer and he has already fixed the ! ! ! problem.  He's up to his ears in something and will be getting back to me.  There may be a fix on the way in a few days.

I'll let you know what happens by a post here.  I was beginning to think I was the only person that had this problem.



that sounds fine, thanks! So I will wait for news.

" I was beginning to think I was the only person that had this problem."
There are two of us now  ;) .



I'm just updating this for those folk that are hoping for a resolution.  I have NOT been in contact again with the developer; I didn't want to drive him nuts.  However, checking the source file online, there has been work done on this problem.  I suspect a solution is getting closer every day. 

I'll wait a couple more days and then contact the developer again and see how it's going.


I am a third user with exactly the same problem. All of a sudden after making some changes I have ended up with three consecutive ! in my binary code. I will just have to unpick the changes that I have made to try to get round this until a fix becomes available unless anyone else has a work round?



I used a binary editor to find where the problem was and then matched it somewhat to my code to find the problem.  Really a painful process.  In my case it was a data table I had that had the same value in about 6 entries.  Easy to fix, hard to find.  I don't have a clue if there is some other workaround.


Just subscribing to the thread.


I promised to keep this thread updated as this progresses.  Just got another note from the developer regarding the bootloader. 

I will have it done in another week. and it will go into the release.

Not really sure when we'll have a module to load on the board, but we'll see in a week.


Thanks! I appreciate you staying on top of this for us.



anything heard since the 6th july post ?



Actually, I haven't heard anything recently.  I'll try and find out something right now.  Let you know when I hear something.


Simply a note to let folks know that I did send a message about his and have not gotten a reply.


I've been having problems with my Mega 2560 that i didn't have with my Mega 1280. After much searching I think I've narrowed it down to bootloader issues but would like to find that confirmed. Particularly the inability to upload sketches via XBEE wireless (XBEE Pro 900 MHz). Can anyone confirm that this is bootloader related?

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