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Hi Pieter,

First of all, Thank you for the Midi Controller Sketch. It have been very useful for my project !

I have been using it for my new Midi Project 2019.

It consists of
1   - Mega2560
8   - Multiplexer,
96 - Buttons
32 - Faders (Linear Potentiometer).

I have tested uploaded your code and all works.

At the moment for Analog.cpp , it will send a Midi CC.

Here is what I would like to request.

Because I will be using as a Midi device for a lighting Controller that only reads Midi Notes On/Off and

Velocity. Some of the software did not implement Midi CC yet. I am having trouble using the Fader to

send Midi Note On with Velocity.

When Faders is to Full %, It needs to send MIDI Note On at Velocity 127.
When Faders to Zero %, It needs to send MIDI Note Off at Velocity 0.
When Faders is at certain level - 38 % or 64%, It needs to be at MIDI Note On at Velocity 38 or 64.

1) Is there a way to modify the Analog.cpp and Analog.h to also sent Midi Notes On/Off with


Some reading issue from Midi output -

2) When using 'MIDI Monitor' in mac to read the Midi output,  I have seen some strange random trigger

of other Notes (with random velocity values but not 127 or 0 and random Notes On values) when pressing some of the buttons or repeatedly pressing same button.

Here is another request for my next MIDI project.

3) Can suggest to add in a KY-023 Joystick.cpp, Joystick.h ?

When Joystick is 'rest' position values at X-axis & Y-axis which is around 512 & 512 respectively.

Depending on the wiring of the pins,

On my tested Joystick sketch,

X-axis to LEFT - 0, RIGHT - 1023
Y-axis to UP - 0, Down - 1023

When is at 0 value, It will send a MIDI Note Off at Velocity 0.
When is at 1023, It will send a MIDI Note On at Velocity 127.
When is at 'rest' position 512, It will send a MIDI Note On at around Velocity 64.

Waiting for your reply.

Nick Ho

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