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I have just completed my MK2 version of my DCF77 Analyzer Clock. It's based on Erik de Ruiter's Clock https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/edr1924/dcf77-analyzer-clock-v2-0-c25404

You can view full details on my site here http://www.brettoliver.org.uk/DCF77_Analyzer_Clock_Mk2/Arduino_DCF77_Analyzer_MK2.htm

or on the Arduino pages https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/oliverb/arduino-dcf77-analyzer-clock-mk2-aa18e7?ref=user&ref_id=96493&offset=0

The clock desodes and displays the DCF77 signal on a double row of LEDs. Pulse information is shown on 2 rows od 8 7 segment LEDs and date and time on another 2 rows od 8 7 segment LEDs.

The clock chimes the quarters and the hours and also ticks.

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