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I have this kind of usb adapter for esp-01:

I know that to upload a sketch on it, I have to put the GPIO0 pin grounded. The upload is working fine.
My question is:

After the upload, I have to manualy reset the esp in order to run the sketch.
Is there a way that the sketch start automaticly after the upload process ? It's not very easy to unplug, re-plug the usb each time I made a modification in the sketch.

Thank you


you can flash your esp 8266 over the air with your browser (PC/phone)

open up Arduino IDE
go to to file>examples>esp8266httpupdateserver>webupdater

all you need is a bin file,

after you compile your sketch

'bin' can be located at

C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_765113\file_name.ino.bin ( on Windows )

in this way you don't have to plug in and out your esp01 to flash it

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Thk you for you answer. Yeah, I know the OTA. But for a super simple sketch, I don't want to bother to use OTA.

I've changed my hardware. I know use a wemos D1 which feature auto reset and auto program. Much more simple to use.

Have a good day.

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