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Hey wayneft!

Found the trouble. The sketch picture was wrong. I used RX0 and TX1 as shown, instead of pin 2 and 3. As soon as I moved wire from RX0 to pin 2, lots of joy, and lots of data on SM. Of course pin 3 is not needed.

What is RX0 and TX1 used for. I really went by the picture which show wires to these pins. Sketch shows const int rxpin = 2;   and   const int txpin = 3;

Onward!  Thanks again...Don



Here is the figure that should have been used in the book. I will correct this on the next edition.

Michael Margolis


Thank you Mr. Margolis. Your book has been and will continue to be very helpful. Thanks for the updated hookup picture. Take care, Don

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