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I commented out the I2C keyboard code section.  It was not working anyways on the Due (another problem I'll work on after this event).  That significantly speed things up.  Now it is moving fast enough to be ok to use for the Fair.  I would like to have it still go a bit quicker but I will save that for the re-write.

Thanks for all you help !!


How fast are you wanting it to go, in terms of how many seconds to do a complete scroll of the 16-character message?

The problem is that I couldn't speed up the text.  This is in a congested area, people are going to stop and stand there to read it.  I did a hack today that got the speed up where I needed it to be.  I changed the code so that it now scrolls in 2 LED increments (instead of one).  It still looks pretty good.

I'm re-writing it (learned a lot), but it will not be ready in time, event starts tomorrow night, "Goes live".   I also discovered some other minor problems with the code. 

    example:  You have two phrases  one 10 char  the other 30 char.  The program will print out the 10 char and then 20 blank spaces.  Need it to detect after two blank spaces end of that phrase.  Minor thing but has major impact on how people see it.   

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