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I am trying to develop a program on the MKR Wifi 1010 board to send an alert to my Android smart phone.  I have found a few examples of this using the ESP8266 chip, but nothing for the ESP32 chip which is what the 1010 board uses. The links for the two examples I found are here:



In both examples PushingBox and Pushbullet are used to enable to communications.  At this point I do not have a program to show, beyond what is shown in the two examples.  Can someone walk me through how to do this on the MKR WiFi 1010 board?


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I'm using a Webhook to send an alert sms. Maybe webhooks are an option for you too? I've created one on the site ifttt.com. I hope, I can give you another insight.

In my code, you find an example for using a webhook in this post: my example

How I created the webhook for my project:

  • Create an account on ifttt.com
  • click on your profile pic on the top right
  • Create
  • You see an "If then"
  • click on If
  • search for "Webhook"
  • click on "Webhook"
  • receive a webrequest
  • choose event name --> Event name is needed later in your arduino script!
  • then click on "then"
  • search for "sms"
  • choose "Android sms" and continue

I had to connect my phone number too:

  • back to main menu
  • click on search and search for "sms"
  • click on the tab service
  • click on "sms" and then on "connect"
  • put in your phone number of your android phone (be aware, that you have to put 2 zeros in front of your country code, in the case you are not from the US (and Canada?). I'm from Germany, therefore I have to write 0049 instead of +49"

And now the last bit:

  • back to main menu
  • click on "IFTTT" on the top left
  • click on "webhooks"
  • click on "documentations"
  • configure the key for your webhook

In the end your webhook should look like that:

https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/{YOUR EVENT NAME}/with/key/{YOUR KEY}

Another link, which gives you a feeling how the whole thing looks: another example


Thank you for the response.  When I get back to this project I will have to check out your info.  Again thank you for your response.

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