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Hey Guys,

This Breakout Board was designed to fit Sparkfun's Push Button Rotary Encoder. Handy for prototyping but also has holes for mounting on your project's interface panel. I'd love to get some feedback on this part as it's my first PCB design. Do you think there is a need for it? I know I needed it, but do any of you guys!?

You can purchase one from here:

For more info on this item and many other related ideas visit http://danthompsonsblog.blogspot.com/

Cheers guys.



no HW designer but two things tickled:

- pinnames are missing - A - C - B   (C= common)   and the other two: you could draw a small switch:  --/ --

- backside:  there is one line close to the mass, while there is room enough
  (middle pin to lower right)

So no showstoppers, well done!
Rob Tillaart

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Cheers Rob,

I will add those changes to the next revision, once I sell these ones! :)


Yeah, this is pretty cool.  I was thinking of making something like this for myself.

The current datasheet for this part (not the 3-year old one Sparkfun has on their site) lists a "Suggested application circuit" with a pull-up resistor and R/C on each line.  Likewise, the encoder I have Datasheet calls for the same thing.

So I would have expected those on a board like this...


Do you think these resistors and caps would be universal for all encoders of these dimensions? I'm not really sure of their purpose? How did you find that data sheet? Is it for the same encoder that sparkfun are selling or is it for a similar but different encoder? My knowledge of how to apply this circuit is very limited. So I would need to know it's relevance before I add it. I never was good at reading data sheets :)



I like the board, I have a quick comment about pull-up resistors, I think you should add footprints for 0805 sized resistors but leave them unpopulated


It's the same unit.  I looked up the part at sparkfun, and noticed the datasheet is cached on their site.  So I looked it up at Mouser and from there found the current one.  I am not sure what its for either, but ifvI was buying a board from someone, I would hope they know ;)


Yeah agreed maniacbug,

I'm no electronic engineer so I think I will leave this off the next revision until I can fully understand it's purpose. No point in selling something you can't support right!? :) Thanks for this though.


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