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  I  have an application for a monochromator. Essentially, I need to turn a grating using a stepper motor and acquire the resulting signal through an ADC from a photodetector. The scan speed can be quite slow: on the order of 1 sample per second. The initial design was with a Measurement Computing USB 1408FS. Since I am new to both, I am thinking of switching to Arduino because of the community help it provides.

  Attached here is the spec summary for the USB 1408FS.

  On the Arduino side, I probably will use a ADS1115 4 Channel 16Bit ADC and a stepper motor driver with micro stepping.

  I would appreciate some comment on the pros and cons of both approaches.

Thank you!


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An Arduino Pro Mini clone could run the entire setup and costs about $2 on eBay.


Arduino control is easy enough.
Electrical and mechanical design is where likely the main difficulties are.
Quality of answers is related to the quality of questions. Good questions will get good answers. Useless answers are a sign of a poor question.

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