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I am working on a ROV project where I am required to have it working 100m under the sea level. The ROV has 6 motors, 4 forward/backwars and 2 upwards/downwards.

The current hardware I have acces to are the Arduino mega, ethernet shield 2 and Leonardo.

The main idea is to use a laptop for controller input (either xbox or Logitech G Extreme 3D Pro Joystick) which then via ethernet sends the signal to the ethernet shield which then gives the signal to the mega or leonardo (if the leonardo is needed).

my main issue is the code, it has been some years since I used arduino and back then it was very basic, so this is quite advanced for me and I would appriciate some help with the code for this.

It would also be appriciated if anyone got an idea for how to send the video signal up to the PC with minimal delay.

Thanks in advance  :smiley-lol:


Post in the Gigs and Collaborations section, or ask the moderator to move your post. You may be asked to pay for the help.


Definitly. But it sounds like a fun project :) What's the budget?


I am guessing that the ROV is tethered.? oops, I can read, I just didn't!

Can you not use a pair in the cat 5 for the video.
you only need two pair for the network.

Not sure on the length but 100m maybe OK.
You know 100M is the quoted limit of CAT5/6
I would not be sure the shields are going to get reliable data up and down over that length.
I've no idea, but you need to test that.

If you are doing it with WiFi look at the ESP32 Cam Module.
Not saying the camera is useful but the streaming it part could be.

Otherwise if you have ethernet drop in a hub and use a networked camera/adaptor with some PTZ.?
I guess it is all down to power, weight and size to draw some limitations.

You have not mentioned what sort of signal the video is working over.


100m under water means 150m kcable at least :) That's why I ask for the budget ...

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