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I got bored.

  • sequencer that toggles available relays on PORTD (digital 0-7). logic-level is probably best, this board sources its own power and uses a Darlington array to drive the relays

  • sequence save/load to/from EEPROM, 8 bytes per sequence (compacted) = 128 slots with 1kb on 328p

  • adjustable tempo by analog input

  • 4 states: switch on, switch off, toggle two, and null

  • user interface created with phi_prompt


This was also kinda cool to play around with my new i2c LCD backpack from adafruit (seen on the breadboard, driving the LCD), as well as my modifications to the i2c LED library to exponentially improve performance by bursting full commands to the LCD instead of bit-banging each bit. With all respect to ladyada and related parties, that's a *really* novice way to interface with the LCD over i2c, I'd really love to know what the reasoning was there... but with the modified library, animation even moves pretty smooth on the i2c LCD ;)
(also not sure if/how I should share those mods either... the code is exactly compatible with the original, just infinitely faster. also, none of this is necessary in the code below, which is tweaked back to standard LiquidCrystal.)


Try posting on their forums -- they seem generally to be genuinely open to improvements.


Wow! When I was a grad student I used a relay board to save money on digital multimeter. The clicking was every 3 seconds. I dreaded sitting next to the computer. I should have gotten what you did and made the click more musical! I hope there's something that makes puff sound like what you would do with mouth  :smiley-mr-green:
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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