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It would be great if every time you saved a sketch, it would save the old version as a backup as well. Various other editors have it, and I feel it would be really handy for Arduino as well.

I actually thought it did it, as it creates a directory for each sketch. But when I accidentally saved a quick test sketch (based on another sketch where I removed loads of code from), I was only able to find the .pde, and nothing else.
Can't find any options to activate such feature either, so it's probably not in there yet.

If it can already do this, please tell me how to activate it.



You can use an external editor. It is under the file menu preferences iirc. The ide is only used for compiling.
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I also use an external editor and use dropbox to hold the sketches and libraries.
Dropbox keeps a copy of every version and all device that use the dropbox have the correct code and libraries.

On linux i use a symlink to the library in the dropbox, it is linked automatically and always up to date.

If you want to use dropbox, let me send you the link to your e-mail, i get 250Mb's for free ;-)

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