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I have just started testing with a new Myoware EMG sensor, however the signal output does not change with muscle activity, instead it stays steady at around 674/675 (Reading analog values at 3.3V). I have also tried using the 5V input, which gives the same result except a higher value.

Please see attached screenshot (Serial Plotter) for the code and serial plot, the code is the basic AnalogRead example.

I am using a basic circuit, connecting only the Myoware to an Arduino Uno, powered via laptop with the mains disconnected. I have attached a photo of the setup (Circuit Img), but in case it is not clear the connections are as follows:

+       ->    3.3V
-        ->    GND
SIG    ->    A0

I have also attached an image of the soldering (Solder Img), which is not the most elegant but I don't think this should be an issue - please let me know if I'm wrong.

Any suggestions or guidance would be most appreciated. As it is such a basic circuit and my implementation is no different from the many examples I have found online, I'm wondering if it may be an issue with the sensor itself.

Thank you.


SOLVED - Their issue turned out to be a poor solder connection to one of the wires they soldered to the sensor. The sensor wasn't getting power as indicated by neither of the LEDs on the sensor turning on.

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