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When you used the method that is in that Adafruit link, did you also use the "flash from SD"? Or can I configure it to flash directly through?


Ok so, after trying and trying ( I'm super new to this still, and even newer to using the arm architecture) I decided to look into a programmer lol. Here's one that I found, and the website of the manufacturer states that it supports a bunch of different cpus, including a bunch of different M0's.


 Do you think this would work?


I think it will work, but I am really no expert in this stuff so I can't guarantee it. My goal was to find the cheapest way to burn a bootloader to a SAMD board. The J-Link EDI Mini was going to be my next attempt if the J-Link clone from eBay didn't work so I did do some research on that device. This is an official product from Segger so it's likely that it will be much better supported by their software for the long term. Probably someone using a programmer regularly or for more advanced tasks would be glad they spent the extra $13 + shipping.

For an "easy mode" burning of the bootloader, I'd try first using the J-Link EDU Mini with adalink:


Thanks! I'm waiting on it to come in the mail. When it does, I'll report back!


Hi All, i have the same isue, you need to flash the bootloader with OpenOCD Adafruit have nice guide: https://learn.adafruit.com/programming-microcontrollers-using-openocd-on-raspberry-pi/overview

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