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I start with the electronics. I would like to control a buzzer with a mosfet P30N06LE on an arduino. The sound is really very low. How to get a powerful sound.

Thank for reply :)


How to get a powerful sound.
Easy, just buy a more powerful piezo .
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Try adding a "pull-up" resistor in parallel with the piezo (maybe ~1K).

BTW - Your schematic shows a transistor, not a MOSFET, so hopefully it's wired correctly.

The frequency matters.   Piezos are not good at low frequencies.   They tend to be most-efficient around 2kHz, which coincidentally is around the maximum sensitivity of human hearing.

A Piezo Horn Tweeter would (probably) be louder.   

Higher voltage will make it louder.   Double the voltage is +6dB louder (4 times the wattage).    An H-driver will double the (peak-to-peak) voltage with the same power supply.


Piezo elements are capacitors and require push-pull drive, not single ended, as they do not conduct DC.
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