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Hi all,

my main question is what starter set or what should i buy to get to my end goal of creating my own home control system for lighting.

so let me explain the situation, i have svv running from my niko push buttons on 24v to my electric closet.
in the closet i have relays that are connected to the lights.

so what i now want to eventually get to is that these svv cables are connected to an arduino and depending on what button is push it sends a signal to the relay or relay's from the arduino.
if that is all connected i then can get everything done with coding because the start things i want to do are very simple, 3 buttons that activate a specific light (could do that with wago's ) or have 1 button that turns off all lights down stairs.

i don't want to get to far ahead of myself, i would like to buy a set where i could get it working for 1 button and 1 light and go from there.

thanks for any and all advise


I don't know of complete set's for it. You can design and make a circuit with an Arduino.

If you want more help with the design we need to know a bit more about the relays and the switches. And how they are connected.
Use fricking code tags!!!!
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so i was thinking of buying the IoT set to get started and see if i can actually work with it ;-)

and in regards to the design.

the push buttons are connected with SVV 0.8 and has 12v current running through them.
i need them to connect to the arduino and the arduino to the relays
so i would have 1 kable going to the arguino with 12v on it and 1 kable to the relay in the wireing closet also with 12v on it.

so the brwon A2 would go to the arduino and so on an then from the arduino i would go to where now is the A2.
the depenidng on the coding i could control 1 or more relays from the arduino.
but i think it is best i just by the IoT set to get started and see if i can actually get to control anything and start with trial and error


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