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I want to start a project at home and because the start has to be good, i need some help by choosing the right components.
- First i want to build a smoke system = > an arduino with a smoke sensor MQ2 / DHT22 and a buzzer (so i get notified) in several rooms when there is an alarm i get a mail.

- a weather station so i can program when i need to close the sun protection, so one smoke detector has to commucate with the weather station for the weater conditions and with an other  arduino for closing  relais (motor sun protection)

- and maybe after a while some lights ....

i want to control the hole system with gsm or internet.

first i have to make a webserver ( ethernet shield and an arduino uno ?)
for all the smoke sensors an arduino nano with esp8266 or ethernet ENC28J60 ?

i'm i making the right choices  for the webserver and the smoke sensors?


first i have to make a webserver ( ethernet shield and an arduino uno ?)
No, an UNO doesn't make a webserver although you might get it to handle simple tasks. If you want a webserver for your home automation choose a Raspberry Pi or a similar board. You might also use your NAS or even router if that device runs an open operating system. For the Raspberry Pi the chance that you get a ready-to-configure solution is probably the highest.

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