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acboother ,

I don't know if you're need for vertical and horizontal line drawing involves draw a box on the OLED, but I knocked out some quick code to do such a thing. The cp437font8x8 has drawing characters included.
I hope this was what you were looking for.

Reg Mason

Not quite what I was after. Hoping for all points addressable line drawing in order to draw small bar charts and diagonal lines would be the cream on the top. On the same idea being able to place the text at a finer resolution than rows and columns... and rotated.

Sounds like its getting big again and I've already reduced the character set by half to save space.


Thank you very much Pert, I was getting error when I wanted to use more than one analogWrite with 1.6.23 version in my project. The problem has improved with version 1.6.21, thank you very much.

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