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Hi everyone. I am fairly new to using Arduino and I'm trying to read data from a serial EEPROM chip BR93G86-3A. Here is the link for the datasheet if it helps https://d1d2qsbl8m0m72.cloudfront.net/en/products/databook/datasheet/ic/memory/eeprom/br93g86-3a-e.pdf

I have been trying to figure out for days where to even begin with this, which is why I came here to ask for some help. I am currently using an Arduino UNO board and the pin layout is as follows-

Pin 10 - CS
Pin 11 - DI
Pin 12- DO
Pin 13- SK

The DU and NC pins are connected to ground.

So far, what I have figured out is that I am supposed to be using SPI.

From the datasheet-
"When the read command is recognized, input address data (16bit) is output to serial. And at that moment, at taking A0, in sync with the rise of SK, "0" (dummy bit) is output. And, the following data is output in sync with the rise of SK. This IC has an address auto increment function which is valid only at read command. This is the function where after the above read execution, by continuously inputting SK clock, the above address data is read sequentially. And, during the auto increment, keep CS at high."

I cannot figure out what the input address data should be. All I need help with is a step in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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