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I just received a Nano 33 BLE Sense. Using Boards Manager, I have installed "Arduino nRF528x Boards" and selected the Nano 33 BLE. However, when I connect the board via USB, the driver does not load. In Device Manager, it shows up as "CDC DEVICE" under "Other devices" (with no driver found). The VID/PID string is "VID_2341&PID_805A". I can't find a .inf for that combo anywhere in the Arduino install locations. I am using Windows 7.

Anybody know where I can find this driver? Thanks.


I do not have a solution for you but would like to add that I've experienced the same issue. I haven't found a Windows 7 driver that works with the Nano 33 BLE yet.


I have the same issue with the board turning up as CDC Device and I also run windows 7.


I've got i working with the help of Martino Facchin's post on GitHub.


I put the following files in a folder "prewin10" under the "drivers" folder for Arduino.


Modified the post_install file by removing the paths, see below.

I executed the post_install.bat and the BLE board was recognized as Arduino Nano 33 BLE instead of CDC.

Modified batch file
@echo off
set ARGS=/SE /SW /SA

@echo off
for /f "tokens=4-5 delims=[.] " %%i in ('ver') do @(if %%i==Version (set VERSION=%%j) else (set VERSION=%%i))
if %VERSION% GEQ 10 (
  exit /b 0

REM dpinst /PATH has problems with relative paths, so use absolute path.
  dpinst-amd64.exe %ARGS%
  dpinst-amd64.exe %ARGS%
) ELSE (
  dpinst-x86.exe %ARGS%

exit /b 0


Have the same problem with a Nano 33 BLE I received today. The only solution I found was to press the reset button twice, which installed the driver correctly, previously it tried installing and failed.

Have uploaded and run the "blink" sketch ok, although it changed the com port from 12 to 13 for some reason. Will see when I restart everything tomorrow if it still all works.

This is with Windows 7, Arduino IDE 1.8.10.

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