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Hey Helpful people
I've attached to videos to try to describe what our issues are. Basically if the Arduino is plugged into the computer with a with a 12v battery pack powering the led's it works. BUT when we try to run it without the computer and have a 9v battery plugged into the board and 12v powering the led's, the Arduino board lights up showing it's turning on but the led lights have no sign of life.
We're desperate for help as the work is due next week and also a presentation tomorrow night. So any help would be super appreciated.
Attached is a video of it circuit working correctly when connected to computer, a video demonstrating our problem and also a wiring diagram


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Show us a 'good' schematic of your circuit.
Show us a good image of your wiring. 
Give links to components.
Posting images:  https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=519037.0

Forget about using dropbox.

Double check your grounds.
Check for broken jumper wires.
Use a DVM to confirm supply voltages at all points
example: 3.3v and 5v Arduino pin, power rails . . .

No technical PMs.
If you are asked a question, please respond with an answer.
If you are asked for more information, please supply it.
If you need clarification, ask for help.


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In the first video, where does the 12V from your battery pack go to on the UNO board.
Your "circuit" diagram does not show where 12V positive of the battery is connected to Vin of the UNO.

Do you have a DMM to measure voltages around your circuit?

You seem to have all the gnds connected on each protoboard and the UNO, but no connection for the 12V battery positive to connect to Vin on the UNO.
OPs "circuit";

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