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Hello. I was pointed to this thread a minute or two ago. I have been working on a project for the last 2 years. I do want to make it a product eventually. The most I will say is it will be a device to help the disabled, and I

When the project is ready, I plan to apply for Open GNU and Creative Common Licenses. I want this device to be availabe to all

Based on a post, and past information.. I now have a base understanding of what to ask for

I am aware that the product in question will need a Bio Sensor/Neural Sensor that is software based. It will need to transmit information to another device more than likely. That device will need to command something like robotics. Up, down, left, right, and other basic movements will be required of that device

I believe Arduino can be one of the components involved

If you know what Job Field that is under, and have a recommendation for me to look at, I would appreciate it a lot


More information in Lyev's other thread in the Project Guidance section:

@Lyev you should be aware that this forum section is primarily intended to be used to offer paid work. However, your post does not make it clear whether you are interested in paying for assistance. If you're only looking for free help, then I would recommend sticking to the Project Guidance section of the forum. Yes, there is the "Collaborations" aspect of this forum section, but I don't consider free help to qualify as a collaboration. A collaboration would indicate that all involved parties are benefiting from the project. An example would be if you were to enter into a partnership to work together with someone on the project and then share any resulting profits. Of course, collaborations could also be done on a free open source project, but I don't consider your approach of "help me based on the extremely limited information I'm willing to share about my secret project" to in any way counts as a collaboration (though I think it's perfectly fine if that's the way you choose to handle your project).


I am flexible. My hope was to work with a University or College knowing that this project could result in the creation of a program specific to the product. However, I know that this may be beyond any Student's capabilities. I am happy to pay for professional help within reason

Ah ok sorry. I am still learning the forums. I am brand new here


You may send me a PM with the details.

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