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Hi, I am a beginner in Arduino
Through Arduino, I am trying to operate  solenoid valves (ON/OFF operation) in a sequential manner separated with delay timing. 7 valves are there & entire valve ON & OFF operation will take about 3 minutes time. However i need to have an abort switch which when I press, the valve ON & OFF operation should stop execution and come out.
i.e  in parallel two things have to happen 1. execution of valve ON & OFF commands (through digital pins ). 2. Checking whether abort switch is pressed or not during the entire 3 min duration and stopping when switch is pressed . I am not sure how to implement the 2nd part. Could you throw some light on how to implement the same.


Search "arduino multi-tasking" on Google, you'll find some interesting tutorials
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You should use Arduino Interrupts here, this can also be done by polling but interrupt would be better option.

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