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want to build a bell for my electric skateboard to warn or draw attention like a bicycle bell.
Bought a buzzer and ATiny85 to make some noise.


Have somebody an idea make a "meep meep" like Roadrunner do?


Aug 23, 2019, 01:28 am Last Edit: Aug 23, 2019, 01:30 am by DVDdoug
I assume you have a piezo transducer  (speaker)?   A transducer plays the tone/signal fed-into it.   A "buzzer" has built-in electronics to generate it's own sound when you apply power.   

I don't know...   Have you experimented with just the tone() effect?  tone() generates square waves at one frequency, but square waves contain harmonics so it's a little raspy and not a "pure" tone.

The regular Arduino doesn't have a DAC so there's no true-analog output.  You might  get close  to a that kind of sound if you can find the right pitch but I think the problem will be frequency (pitch).   Piezo transducers are "tweeters" and they don't do well with low or mid frequencies.    As you go-down in frequency it won't be very loud and a high-pitch beep is going to sound like a back-up alarm.

If you just want to experiment with "sounds", Audacity can generate square waves and you can check-out the sound on your regular computer speakers which have a wider range than a piezo transducer.   That's just a quick-and-easy way to figure-out if a square wave is good enough (with better speakers).

You can "fake it" and play voice or music recordings (or a "beep" recording) with TMRpcm, but you'd probably need an amplifier and regular speaker.

BTW - If a square wave works with a piezo or with a speaker & amlifier, you don't need a programmable microcontroller to make a square wave.   A beep-beep horn for a car doesn't have any 'brains" and it may not have any electronics at all, but it needs a pretty-big battery.

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