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I was wondering if anyone had input on an alternative IDE for Arduino development?  I'm a software engineer and I've been programming in the Arduino IDE for about a year now.  I'm used to Visual Studio and XCode.

Arduino IDE is a fantastic IDE, but it definitely lacks some features I'd like to see in an IDE (especially around class organization, shortcuts, and auto-complete).  Ideally, I don't want to spend an entire day setting up another IDE only to find out some boards work/don't work, etc.

Does anyone have any feedback on alternative IDE's (cross-platform if possible)?


You can use Visual Studio Code (not to be confused with Visual Studio) with either the Arduino extension, or with PlatformIO.



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with either the Arduino extension, or with PlatformIO.

Do you happen to have any preference between these two extensions?


Eclipse usually comes up when this question is asked - haven't used it myself (with Arduino).


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Google " visual studio Arduino"


I'm pretty happy with Eclipse / Sloeber.
+1 to that.  Though I may downgrade back to Eclipse-Oxygen for a little while.  I'm having some bugs lately between the latest version and Sloeber. 
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