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Well I thoughts its time I asked to be a distributor for Arduino and sent a mail to the email id provided. 4 days since I sent it. No replies so far. How long do you think I should wait? If not what should I do? I remember sending such a mail long long back and there was no reply and i skipped it. Now, I thought try again and here I'm posting. And what are the requirements from distributors? Any ideas anyone?



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I had an order out with one particular vendor that been out there waiting for 75 days.  I've sent multiple e-mails to them (including several to request that the order be canceled) that have gone unanswered.  I also tried to call them, there was no answer. Well lo and behold, on Friday last I get an e-mail advising me that my order had been shipped and that it would arrive in 7-10 days.  Sheesh!  Some people have no clue about customer service.  I'd have less of a problem waiting an interminably long time if I were given the courtesy of being informed that there was a delay and not that I had just pitched my money irretrievably down a black hole!

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