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Dorji recently kindly supplied me several of their UART friendly SX1268 based 433 MHz modules & these have been tested to very good effect here in NZ.  Several quick points -

* Dorji's new configuration tool is very involved & perhaps needs simplification -advanced tweaks often need NOT be shown for basic setups.

* The RSSI reporting feature is marvellous & offers all sorts of IoT prospects !

* Due to crystal matching tolerances, temperature & aging drift the initial SX127x based  modules were usually limited to 62.5 kHz BW. An apparently superior Rakon crystal (~1ppm) is now used, implying tighter BW could be beneficially employed. Such more closely matched Rx & Tx freqs suggest range improvements of perhaps 50 -100% could arise with narrower BW. (Refer the attached table -organised in conjunction with SRNET back in 2015.) 

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