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I've made a system with atmega 2560 and control it via sms. I've made my own command set also.
Now I've bought a new mkr wifi 1010 and I'm interesting is there any possibility to connect my old system to the mkr and mkr would just pass the command from cloud to the old system? Mkr would in that case acts as some way of gateway. Is this possible and if yes how?
Thank you for the answer.


Yes, you can do that. The think you need to keep in mind though is that the Arduino Mega board (and likely any ATmega2560-based board) uses 5 V logic, while the MKR WiFi 1010 uses 3.3 V logic. The MKR board will be damaged if you submit its IO pins to 5 V. So you need to use a level shifter between the ATmega2560 and the MKR.

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