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Aug 27, 2019, 09:13 am Last Edit: Aug 27, 2019, 09:20 am by danyCro
Hi. I ordered Hy-01 thermal imager. from Bangood without shell. That means I must connect battery myself. When connected display working 'only' when is little button pressed. I read comments that I must desolder a switch.

When I disolder button now not working display with battery anymore (on usb still working normally).

So, I suposse that I must close circuit to be display working all time? Or is necessary to install new better button?

If I want close a circuit, is that possible do with soldering iron? How?
For that I need metal fields on PCB, but I am not sure is on that four filds wher was button attach are metal.
See pictures:



Why didn't you just solder a link across the switch?  No need to remove it.
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Aug 27, 2019, 03:04 pm Last Edit: Aug 27, 2019, 03:05 pm by danyCro
Because someone says that I move it, and I thought that will be easy to make a link after... :/
I haven't tried it yet touching it... Is that possible solder?

 Also when I connected it with USB, on that BAT + - poles I have voltage, in that direction.


Can I solder bridge with soldering iron?

I tried to put some wire on poles, but that can't do a contact between them...


Hi Danny, I can't quite make out from your photos exactly how the switch was mounted, but I would guess the case of the switch was soldered to the two square metal pads on pcb, and the contacts are the two smaller pads in between. From
https://ibb.co/4sZFVkb  (your last image) I would guess that there are two solder pads on the other side of the pcb, where the switch contacts passed through. If you tin a piece of copper wire, you should be able to solder it to those  pads, bridging them out. Use flux, and trim the wire afterwards (easier to handle a longer piece, than fiddle with a 3mm length). You may be able to bridge the contacts with solder, but a bit of wire reinforcement may be more reliable.


Sep 05, 2019, 09:59 pm Last Edit: Sep 05, 2019, 09:59 pm by IamFof
Hi, Dany

I have attached a drawing of your switch mounting.

You a) needn't have removed it, just soldered a link across the Solder Pads and b) have made it hard for yourself.  The Solder Pad, shown in Red, no longer exists.  You ripped it off with the switch.

To solve that, you need to access the small Via directly behind the missing pad.  Unfortunately it is covered with solder resist, which you will have to remove.  The resist is very hard but with a bit of care and a good blade, you can VERY carefully scrape it off.  Remove ONLY the blue material.  Try and avoid scraping metal from the via.

Once you have the via exposed (just the doughnut), solder a link from it to the other, good Solder Pad.

I hope this helps.



Guys I made it!

Thank you for detailed explanation.

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