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Hello, fellow grade 10, and im working on a project which is a blimp drone, I would like to ask some advice if what materials and if my plan or train of thought works stupidly? Especially the programming of controlling this.

    I was thinking the esp8266 to connect the blimp drone to the laptop. The blimp drone btw, has three brushless motors(left, right, top). And also this MPU6050 will serve as smth to send the arduino.

Datas i need to receive(basically connected to the serial monitor wirelessly or to a special program, which i dont know how and what applications to start of with, for me to see properly according to what I need)
-its orientation(via data from MPU6050 along with temperature)
-pictures it took
-brushless motor speed

Is esp8266 enough for transmitting? , Should I use Python? Any better recommended programs or advice?

Thank you for your responses.

P. S. I'm sorry for not so fluent english and my post and plan may be very stupid l. So terribly sorry

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