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Hello makers,

I developed a tiny board for community and my own project.

Here are some specs:
Open source Arduino supported Attiny1616 breakout board with Programmer. It is small, easy to use and low power consumption. It has I2C, SPI, UART, PWM, Timers, Touch PINS, ADC, DAC, 16K Flash, 2K SRAM, 256 bytes EEPROM with 8-bit CPU running up to 20MHz all in it's tiny body! It has the smallest possible bread-board footprint.

Check it out http://tinycore.dev


There's no programmer on that board, and it isn't very breadboard friendly when half of the IO pins are on a (somewhat uncommon) non-breadboard header.
Your decoupling capacitor is quite far away (electrically speaking) from the microcontroller.
It also looks like your using a ground trace rather than a pour (at least for the decoupling capacitor).

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