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Hi can anyone help me how to wire these two sensors to arduino?
I've been searching for the manuals, but i still don't understand how to wire these to the arduino.

014A manual: https://s.campbellsci.com/documents/ca/manuals/014a_man.pdf
024A manual: https://s.campbellsci.com/documents/ca/manuals/024a_man.pdf

thanks in advance :)


014A: specifications on p.4 tell it's a reed contact; page B-1 gives the wiring.
White and clear to GND; signal to input pin. Enable the internal pull-up and start counting.

024A: page 9, heading 7.3 gives the wiring. Again it's really simple. White and clear to GND; red to an analog input; black to 5V. Your analog reading will be about 0-512, check your setup for the actual maximum and minimum. A simple calculation gives you the position of the pot, and that gives you the wind direction.
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