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running windows xp sp3, i've been having issues with this for months since i first started using arduino uno, on my dell laptop, dell desktop, and hp laptop i can't have the motorola razr tethered usb for internet and the arduino hooked up at the same time on different usb ports, whichever one is hooked up first will block the other so the first has to be unplugged to get the other to run or vice versa and so on, i've tried to manually set the com ports to razr on com5 which liked com3 before and arduino to com3 that it normally uses with no luck, any ideas would be helpfull ty


no ideas? i resiuated things today got the dell desktop with usb teathered intenet sharing over linksys wrt54g internet to an older 486 and the the hp laptop via wlan, 486 has an issue with wire library for some odd reason, so hopefully tommorow when i try it on the hp laptop i can get my sensor to sms with no hardware sheilds or help :)

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