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Topic: If I split a wire from a battery that is 24v into two wires will it still be 24v (Read 341 times) previous topic - next topic


I will have a 24v battery if I split a wire from it into 2 wires will it stay 24v? So I need to get 24v power to the coil of a relay and also the external power supply for my motor driver... If I try this setup will it work:
The 24v battery wire comes off of it and then splits one going to the (I used an Uno because there was no motor driver) ext power and one to the coil and then they both go to the same ground. Then I pass the
wire from the motor controller into the relay  for 10A not 1. Also can anyone recommend a 24v Battery? Otherwise I will use a drill battery from amazon.


Yes, it will still be 24v.

be aware that you must not connect a 24v wire to any pin on an arduino!

(also, i typed out a warning about how you can't connect any pin on an uno to 24v, then re-read your message and realized you were using an uno in place of the motor driver in the diagram. don't do that. If you don't have appropriate libraries for the part you are using, it is better to post a photo of a hand-drawn diagram than a computer generated schematic with the wrong parts.
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the external power pin is on an external motor driver that can handle it


OPs circuit?

Can you please post a copy of a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png?
The circuit you have provided is not at all clear.

I hope you are not applying 24V to the UNO?
You cannot drive a relay directly from a UNO output?

Thanks.. Tom.... :)
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This is scary. I'm going to pretend I didn't see that schematic.


The good news is the GND pins aren't connected, so there's no current path to smoke the Arduino (yet).

OP, please read and learn as much as you can before you connect anything and do any more damage to your parts.
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