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good morning, I am quite new in electronics and I have a problem that is not resolved, I currently have two 24v and 24amp motors, the intention is to control the direction of rotation of each one independently and a pwm, the problem is that I wanted do with mofset but the arduino does not saturate the mofset, I don't know if use mofset in darlingtong pair or use mofsets with octocouplers or use relay, but I don't know what would be the ideal connection to have the least loss of power in the circuit, what is the best choice and why?


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Or a HIP4081A, then you can drive all 4 devices.  At least read the datasheet.
Note that this isn't really a beginner's project, there are a lot of pitfalls with high
power H-bridges, one mistake and bang!

Best to start with a less ambitious amount of power to control than 600W.  And note
that stall current of a 24A motor will be collosal, that's one of the pitfalls.
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