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hello all,
I've made a led matrix using ws2812b Leds, with a teensy 3.2 and octows2811 adaptor.
my issue is i want to install gladiator so i can use animations. but the solderlab.de website has been down or for some reason i can not reach it and i really need the drivers they provide. and the software also.

ive been messing with jinx but since i don't have the glediator driver i can't output to my device. any help would be greatly appreciated ive been stuck on this issue for  awhile now. thanks in advance 


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Try here
That is my website (One Guy, One Blog), and I temporarily mirrored the files there when the official Solderlab site was down.

The Solderlab site seems up again so I removed the files from my website. Get them from the source:



Solderlab.de seems down again, so I put the files ("Glediator v2.0.3" and "WS2812_Glediator") back up for now:


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