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Sorry to bother you! I am not sure where should I post this topic.

I have worked as a research scientist in University at Albany of SUNY for many years.
Hope to find a new job in NY area.

I have  over 10 years' experience in instrument developments and data analysis.
Have great capacity of electronic system design; proficient with many kinds of software, programming language, and algorithm.

Proficient with the following program language , software tools,....
 Python, C++, VC++, VHDL, FORTRAN.
 MATLAB, Visual Studio, Altium Designer, Cadence, Quartus, SolidWorks.
 CPLD, FPGA, DSP, ARM Embedded system
 Linux system, Raspberry Pi, Arduino series products.
 Technology of Internet of things (IOT)

Hope can get some suggestions and information.

Thanks a lot!


Usually, people who are looking for technology-related jobs should search the fine ones at Dice. On the other hand, you can also visit GlassDoor and customize it according to your location and desired portfolio. I think you should search a job at online job portals. 


Albany ...
... in NY area.
Do you mean "Near Albany" or "Near NY City" or "Anywhere in NY state, for some reason"?
NY is a big state.


I think he is asking for New York City, not the state. However, he is open to confirm.

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