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OK, quick question....

I'm looking to control a 12v motor with the Arduino. Worked out the general layout but having brain fade with the coupler...

Looking at this one.. Optocoupler Module

I'm going to power the Arduino with 5v through a buck convertor and supply the Relay with a 5v source

My fade is - it asks for 5v or 12v.... 

- The Arduino uses 5v for the signal pin (So do I get the 5v Relay)
- The Motor uses 12v (So do I get the 12v one)

Sorry for a daft question and thanks for your help and time....



The 5V or 12V is the switching voltage.  It's the voltage needed to turn the relay on.  The circuit being switched (the motor) can be anything.  Well, as long as you don't exceed the current capacity and melt the wires.

So you want the 5V version.


Ahhh... so i need the 5v one... cheers

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