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Hello mister Arduino...

Here is the next product i want you to release :

I want a board included in a (water resistant) watch. it will be a ~1-1.5 inch round watch with an e-ink round monitor in a metal case. It'll based on a nRF 52840 chip, and will include a 9 axis gyro ship, BT5 and induction charger. USB connector and SD card reader will be avaible only when opened, to ensure water resistance. On both side, 2 press buttons are avaible and a hall effect micro rotary encoder on the right side.

Heart rate sensor, barometer, microphone or camera will be avaible as options.

I'm looking for it soon.

Thank you in advance.


Learn PCB design, Autodesk Eagle or KiCAD, then design the board for yourself. The application is VERY specific, arduino is a general platform from which to build a much larger variety of prototype designs. I don't know much about the nRF 52840 chip but see if arduino, or anyone else, sells a development/evaulation board with it on. Otherwise pick a different chip, using one that is used in one of the arduino family of boards will make it easier to do your prototyping with an arduino before shifting to the real board. Look up accelerometers, BNO 055 is very good, you can buy development boards to plug into an arduino when prototyping, then on your final design buy the chip alone and solder directly to your custom board. Same goes for the other components you want, look up options online, or ask about them in individual threads, then work on wiring them together in a non-mechanical prototype (it'll show the principles electrically but take up your whole desk not fit in a watch), then design the PCB to get it all down to miniaturised size in a watch casing. Overall, however, I'd suggest that craming all of that plus the optional features into a watch like package sounds pretty difficult.


You sort-of missed it.
TI has the Chronos Development tool in watch format, that was pretty close to what you're looking for.  They don't seem to sell it any more, though.  ;-(

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