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Thank you very much for that schematic. I did some tinkering having stumbled upon THIS thread pertaining to optocouplers and figured I'd give it a try with what I had on hand. Well... it works and functions as expected. The display not longer crashes. I need to do some more testing but so far...  :)

I put a thermocouple on the optocoupler to see if it was heating up with use and it was ambient temp. Any other thoughts or suggestions? The schematic is attached (first attempt at fritzing). I understand the request for more info about the motor controller, which I am working at getting, but in the meantime let me know if anything jumps out.



Ok. Usually if you are converting a pulse duty cycle into a voltage (which you are doing to simulate the voltage at the wiper of a potentiometer/voltage divider) the circuit (low pass filter) would include a capacitor.
Interesting is that it appears to work as it is, though.


Maybe that (so far undisclosed) motor driver does in fact like PWM signals...
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