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Hi vortix2950,

You seem to have two projects on the go here, both a transmitter/receiver system and a quadcopter flight controller.

Building your own quadcopter flight controller is a great project, but it's also quite a difficult challenge and takes time, we're talking months of development. It's a project in which the amount of code or sketch size is actually relatively small, but it's the concepts that take a while to understand.

As I mentioned, you need to break the system down into smaller more manageable tasks, while maintaining a clear idea of what information is passed between them.

Before you proceed, I feel that you need to answer the questions you pose regarding the pilot input. Sometimes it's worth stepping back and reassessing the situation. Might it not be easier to use an existing transmitter/receiver system?
unfortunately, cant. since this is a project for school that i was working in for months already. i don't want to stop half way. if i do that, it pretty much cuts the work i done so far in half and i probably cant do that without approval of the professor that this is an acceptable thing to do.  

I am willing to learn any concept related to the topic. I already spend months working on it, i don't to give up on it now.:smiley-sad:

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