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Topic: USBtinyISP, how to update it, and will it burn bootloader for atini841? (Read 235 times) previous topic - next topic



need to program a few atiny, 841s, have a usbtinyisp, but its old is there a way to update it?
alaso will it burn bootloader for an 841?

thank you


Afaik, any working USBTinyISP will program 841 without issue. There was a bug in some recent versions of avrdude that broke USBTinyISP in general (updating ATTinyCore to 1.3.2 via board manager will pull in the fixed version of avrdude)
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My advice is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Give it a try with the current firmware and if it works then don't waste time on a firmware update.

I've never heard anything about firmware updates being available for the USBtinyISP, though I'll admit it's my least favorite of all my programmers so I may not be so tuned in to the pulse of the USBtinyISP user community.


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