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Version 1.1.0 of the library is released! From the Release Notes:
 _What's New?_
- Wed Sep  4 19:30:45 CDT 2019
- Version 1.1.0 of the library has been released. We add support for the ATmega2561 and 1281 chips, with pinouts defined from the MCUdude/MegaCore project. Code donations by Kizmit99. Plus, a documentation bugfix from Greg Bowler. Thanks, folks!

As always, if you see any issues with the library, post a bug report in the issues area (below). I have been much less active in the Arduino world lately, but I keep half an eye on it and promise to respond. And if you want, you can pay me to work on Arduino full time in which case I'll get on it immediately! But, barring that...

The library is available in the Arduino 1.6.x  (and above) IDE Library Manager (from the Sketch Menu -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries).

The library's home page is here. See the wiki here. Usage information can be found here. Issues can be raised here.

Finally, direct download link is here

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