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Hi all,

I have a working solution using the Feather M0 Express, I basically wait for a serial command from a windows 7 PC, when I get the right command, I talk to a laser scanner and work out distance, and simply return the value back through serial.

This has been working fine, but recently I've tried to get it working on newer windows 10 PC's. As soon as the working setup was moved from the windows 7 PC to the new windows 10 PC, the feather M0 express reboots into bootloader mode (green led solid on, red light next to usb pulsing). I then have to reload the software onto the board, but once plugged in again, the same thing happens.

I developed this on my windows 10 enterprise PC, but now it does this reboot thing on that same PC. The new PC's I'm trying to get this to work on are also Windows 10 Enterprise. My colleagues PC is Windows 10 Pro, and it is fine on his.

I've currently stripped back the code to simply call Serial.begin(9600) in the setup, and Serial.read() if serial.available() returns data in the main loop. It is causing the issue on Serial.read(), as when this line is removed, everything sits there fine.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? We're currently rebuilding a new PC so that we can test before putting the adafruit drivers on, as I've read Windows 10 does not need these (we install them on Windows 7), but I have them on my PC, that's how I developed the project.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated, I'm definitely a novice with using these boards...

Code: [Select]

int inByte = 0;

void setup()

void loop()
  if (Serial.available() > 0)
    inByte = Serial.read(); // 4 seconds after being plugged in, the board resets into bootloader mode

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