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So I wrote two separate programs one for a relay control and one for some sensors. both work fine separately. I'm trying to combine them but it just wont let me use the buttons. I'm not sure how I've messed this up.

I've attached the program as its huge:

Under "water sensor V6" I've tried to combine the other two files  "water sensor v4" and "buttons simple x9"


First off.   Mcufriend Uno Shields can not use I2C bus on a Uno.    LCD_RST is on the same pin as Uno's SDA.

It looks as if you are running your sketch on a Mega2560 with the mega2560's hardware I2C pins.   This should be fine.
It looks as if you have a Blue 2.8 inch Mcufriend shield with an UltraChip UC8230 controller (from the Calibration)

But you appear to force 0x8230 on a write-only shield.

Life is much simpler if you just post links to your actual hardware.

Then I can help you with your project instead of "guessing".



I'm using an Ardunio Mega 2560 and the shield is this one from Jaycar


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